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European blockchain accelerator, focused on helping startups at various stages.


Telegram is the most important platform in Crypto. We run a telegram channel with thousands of people, discussing the latest topics and trends on a daily basis. This is the ideal place to share your project to a wide audience.


Telegram is by far the most important and widely used medium in the crypto space. Thus we have specialized on research, community building and marketing on Telegram. As a result we run a telegram channel with thousands of people, researching and discussing the latest topics and trends on a daily basis.

About us

With over 5 years of experience in cryptocurrency and an international team, we are a partner you can rely on for any situation. We have a strong network that we worked very hard to build predominantly across Europe and Asia. We are confident in our ability to provide excellent service to a wide variety of clients.

Our specialties

Due to our extensive experience in the space we can help you with our wide network, as well as give you guidance on every crucial topic. We have connections to top influencers, community groups, developers and reputable projects. All of this aimed to drive awareness and potential customers towards your platform.

We are specialized on Decentralized Finance (DeFi, tokenization and web 3.0 protocols).

Summary of services

Supporting you from seed through expansion

  • We invest at all stages
  • Expanding your network by connecting you to our reputable partners
  • Giving you access to large retail groups for decentralized funding
  • We are longterm commited and drive customers to your platform

Highly efficient community building and marketing

  • Raising awareness for your project across all our channels
  • We have thousands of people in our Telegram community
  • Frequently hosting AMAs with you and other entrepreneurs
  • Sharing your project on our Twitter and Medium blog

Providing you with the best expertise and network

  • Helping you in all aspects of marketing and connect you to influencers
  • Finding the perfect balance in the tokenmetrics to make it most appealing to a wide audience
  • Connect you in the Asian/Chinese market with our network
  • Create a well thought-out campaign.